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Organic Asparagus
Available for pickup Friday-Sunday, 10am-4pm

Our summer CSA runs for 20 weeks,
starting the first Friday in June

We offer Full** and Half* shares,
including both fruits & vegetables

Spring & Summer CSA

Call for Pricing

Begins 1st Friday of June; runs 20 weeks


Fall Extension

Fall Extension 2024 TBD


Winter Share

Winter Extension 2024 TBD

Weather Permitting

** FULL SHARE will feed 3-5 people, or a family that likes to freeze and can.  Full shares receive 10-14 different items. During peak weeks, some items will be unlimited. A typical share would include green beans, blackberries, Toscano kale, beets, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, peppers, okra, summer squash, eggplant, potatoes and peaches.

* HALF SHARE will feed 2 grown people or a family with small children. Half shares receive up to 8 different items.  During the peak weeks, some items will be unlimited. A typical box would include green beans, potatoes, blackberries, summer squash, red beets, tomatoes, carrots and peaches. 

special note:  We Grow Our Own everything -- except sweet corn -- which, due to risk of GMO contamination, we source from a local farmer

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